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Audition for the Furman Dance Company

Spring Audition Requirements

Date: April 7th, 2017

4:30pm- 6:30pm

Physical Activities Center(PAC), Furman University

If you are interested in auditioning in the spring please contact Mrs. Ashley Pritchett at, (ashley@acdanceco.com) for an application.  The audition will consist of a warm-up, a technique section (including leaps and turns at center and across the floor), a jazz combination and a lyrical combination.  Auditions will be conducted by current Furman Dance Company Co-Presidents.  The selection process is at the discretion of the Directors, Christie Leonard and Ashley Pritchett

Wear something you can move in (leotard, sweatpants, shorts, etc).  Dance shoes are not required, but would be preferred.

Summer Audition Requirements

Those who cannot attend the Spring Audition will need to contact the Directors, Mrs. Christie Leonard, or Mrs. Ashley Pritchett at, (ashley@acdanceco.com) to receive an application.  Prospective members will also need to record the following technique areas onto a DVD. The application may be emailed with the DVD.

All of the open spots for our 2017-2018 season have been filled!


 Please incorporate the following in your DVD:  

1.     Splits on right and left sides

2.     Battements (leg kicks): step brush kick both right and left sides, moving across the floor

3.     Pirouttes (turned out): clean double on both left and right (triple if possible)

Chaine/Pique turns across the floor: right and left side

Fouettes or À la secondes (turns in second): if possible 

4.     Jetés (leaps): right and left   

Calypso: turning jeté with back leg in attitude

5.     Jazz Combination: Must be a minute in length

6.     Lyrical Combination: Must be a minute in length

7.     Any other special talent that you have gymnastics, tap, hip-hop, etc. 

Dancers will be judged on execution, control, and technique. The director will review your DVD and will be contact with you no later than August 1st with the results. Dancers making the team will be required to move in a week prior to Freshmen Orientation for band camp attendance.  

Questions?  Contact: Mrs. Christie Leonard (864-423-9009) or,

Mrs. Ashley Pritchett (864-704-8862)  

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